Image“Threadless is a community-based company that prints awesome designs created and chosen by you!” As we can read in their slogan, we will see they are using a lot of social media platform and tool. is an online internet webshop company which is distributing T-shirts. They sell unique pattern, funny and creative clothes.  When we click to, we can choose from 2 pages:

The is the main homepage of the company. Here you can find the collections and you can order, and so many other things, which I’m going to analyse later.

The is an additional website of the company. In this site people can participate in the creative planning, design process. Threadless Atrium is a place to collaborate for one purpose: to turn great ideas into tangible products that matter and make a difference.

  • Threadless and a partner post a design challenge
  • You make the designs and pick your favourites
  • We make the product from the best design

At the moment 3 challenges are open for participation:

  • Disney it’s a small world: Create a design inspired by the art of “it’s a small world
  • The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation: Design a tee about overcoming obstacles. The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation provides support for parents and their children. You can help offer renewal and support to these families by creating an uplifting design about overcoming obstacles. Your design will help parents become better advocates for their children and help survivors become better advocates for themselves. The chosen design will be sold on Threadless, and 25% of the sale of each tee will support Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation.
  • Canvaspop+Threadless work together

The company uses Atrium social media tool to participate people into the company’s life, and in this case they could be more well-known and popular. Some challenges are special because they have a serious aim, for example the company support the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation is a community interest.

If you looking on this website you can sign up for newsletter, its main goal is to inform people about latest promotions and the most important events.

Next to the sign up for newsletter button we can see the Facebook and Twitter like and join button (but it’s not for just Threadless Atrium, it’s for the Threadless in general).

The Atrium can be found:

  • Flickr: In this site they can upload their photos of events and creative designs, which is important for this company.
  • Tumblr: Here we can find pictures and blog posts. Pictures are about the latest desings, blog posts are about the challenges and the most important events, and news about the company. Threadless updates this site every day.
  • Youtube: In Youtube they have 815 followers. They upload funny and interesting videos in their Youtube channel about art and the company.
  • News channel: FeedBurner makes it easy to receive content updates in My Yahoo!, Newsgator, Bloglines, and other news readers.


In this picture we can see all the social media tools which the Threadless Atrium uses.

Now we can return to the main website:

In the main webpage you can choose from 6 languages: Spanish, German, English, Portugal, French, Italian. It is important because in this way they can reach more target audiences. You can find Help button, so it can help users to find everything, and get answers for their questions about the website. There is a “Join Us” button, and if you click on it, a question is appearing “Not part of the party? Join us!”, here you can register  on the community.

In this page you can order from the “Shop”. You can find 12 different groups of T-shirts and other accessories .

You can “Participate”: Threadless tees are made by your votes! Score, comment on, and share these designs…or Threadless will poof off the face of the earth! If your idea is selected as a Threadless t-shirt, you’ll receive $2,000 in cash, $500 Threadless Gift Certificate (can be redeemed for $200 cash), $500 in cash each time your design is reprinted.

“Beautiful people wearing beautiful tees” means if you send a photo, all of the wonderful people sent them photos of themselves wearing their tees. Send a photo of yourself and get $1.50 credit and the chance to win a free tee!

So they really involve people for the company’s community. It is important for the company’s image to be modern, rousing, youthful, creative, so they reach it with their website and their slogans.

“Threadless Live:  Our community makes great stuff together, every single day. In fact, everything you see here is happening right this second (and you’re making it happen!). Isn’t the Internets amazing?”


On the Threadless Forum   you can find every communication channels in one place: Blogs, Products, Designs, Critiques, ThreadStaff and Tee-V. Here you can share your opinion and advices, you can be informed with the latest news. Threadless Tee-V  showcases the random awesomeness that is always taking place in Threadless land. Tune in for the priceless side splitting scoop on your favorite tee shirt company! Got something to say? Tell them all about it. You can send pictures and videos and they will share your experiences and favourites.

Threadless Meetups Everywhere: this is a map, where you can see where people “like” or use the They use it, because they will see, where Threadless is the most popular.

In these pictures we can see all of the social media tools which the company uses.


And now, we should see which social media platforms are used by the

  • Facebook: the company have its own page on Facebook, 452.947 people like it and 7835 people talk about this. In the Facebook page they share news, pictures, videos, they organizing “competitions”, recommend pages and desgners. So they uses Facebook as present art and creativity. “We like you! You should like us on Facebook for exclusi offers and awesome awesomeness!”
  • Twitter: 674,722 users are followed by Threadless, and 1,843,868 users are following Threadless. So we can see that the Twitter is the most important social media channel for Threadless. The company twit day by day the most important news and events. In my opinion they should use the Twitter, because most of the people who like this company following them on Twitter.
  • Google+: on Google+ they have much less followers, because Google+ is not a really well-known community site yet (in my opinion). But they are trying to involve people to Threadless Community in this site.
  • Threadless Weekly: the company shares the latest news with followers. 
  • Threadless Blog Site: in this blog site they can write about the main events and news, and they can reach the target audience which is much more interested in news about the company.


In my opinion Threadless takes advantage of the opportunities provided by social media. But I think they should pay much more attention for the Twitter and Facebook pages, because in that ways they can reach much more people than in a blog site for example.  For me the most important message of this company is to be creative, enjoy life and be yourself!