• A brief history of the Samsung company:

Samsung is a very famous company in all over the world. This name mean in corean “ 3 stars”. This company is today the fourteenth global company. Many people using their product, particularly the electronics such as cell phones and Mp3 players.

  • How Samsung company use the social media?

Samsung have also an official website where customer can follow us on facebook, Twitter and youtube:

on Twitter:

Samsung have different account for his product: Samsung TV, Samsung Mobile, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung service… . For the account Samsung Television there are for example 2070 Tweets, 21173 followers…  In this twitter account there are some advices to transport your Tv or to solve some problems for example. Samsung mobile account have more followers: 1 273 117, and 987 tweets. In this account there are a lot of publicity for the new mobile phone product, and some games to win a mobile. Besides some videos are put too for promote a new product;  It show for example that the new camera can take wonderful pictures and so one… .Anyone can tweet to @samsungservice too.  But I think it’s very interactive, because there are lot of person who speak about their problems or ask if someone else have the same mobile phone, to speak about it later.

Secondly on Facebook:

The facebook account “Samsung mobile”: 8 184 849 people like that and 267 168 speak about that. It’s quite the same like twitter: The customer can speak about their problems, or share some photo or videos they have take with the Samsung product. There are also some video post by the company to introduce their product, for example a publicity with David Beckam. They can discuss also about their mobile phone and some application they can use and share with the others. It’s not only a discussion with Samsung company but between each other too.

Finally in Youtube:

There are on this media: 513 followers and 758 651 people who watch the video.

there are a lot of video of all the produce of Samsung , but I can see that there are not a lot of people who speak about that, maybe because they have already see this publicity on their TV. There are no so much discussion between the customer on this social media, I think it’s less interactive and more specific for the people who want discover the new product.

  • So why Samsung use social Media like twitter, facebook or youtube?

In my opinion it’s not for the reputation or for the image because Samsung have already a worldwide company and they have also a great image.

I think it’s first for be more customer centric, driven much more on consumer participation. So the company can see the customer satisfaction by some tweets or some comments on Facebook. Also they can improve some application, and solve some problems on their products. They can also understand the customer needs for the next product. It’s so an opportunities to be more connected, collaborate and communicate.

But it’s to promote their product too, with some video of publicity, some games to win a mobile phone. And when the customer speak each other about that, or like it in facebook, it promote the brand Samsung.

So to conclude even if Samsung have a good using of social media, they can improve some point: In my opinion on Youtube for example, the company must be more specific and more connected to their consumers: no simply put a showcasing of their product. There are a lot of comments on facebook and tweets on Twitter but on Youtube there are most of the time one or two comments about a video. One of the idea is to encourage the customer to give their feelings after the video. Besides most of the video has been already seen with a link put on facebook or on twitter.

  • So the Samsung company, in my opinion must post in youtube funny video and take the example of apple who show the quality and the security of the Ipad product by put it in a mixer. It would be less boring and more attractive.
  • To be more attractive too on twitter and on facebook thay can promote the using of mobile phone with some famous persons.