Stella Artois is a beer company in Belgium. Stella Artois is

brewed in Belgium and the United Kingdom, as well as other countries, including Australia, Brazil and Ukraine. Stella Artois uses the most important media. To begin they use Facebook,  Twitter and Youtube.

Mostly to post news, new advertisement or pictures. On twitter they do

n’t work that good as I can see. They have 466 tweets and they have account protection. So only confirmed followers have access to @stella__artois’s Tweets and complete profile. This is not an open proflie. I guess, they should use the public profile and more given to post tweet. They should show the new commercial and a new news on twitter too.

What is the situation with facebook? They are use facebook profile. This is not so bad. They are post the new news, pictures with their advertising face. They have more followers on facebook than twitter. They are active on facebook. This is the main forum, which to keep in touch with people. This because of they were earlier on facebook than twitter. They are always keep in touch with their followers. If they posted something new and somebody wrote the comment, they will respond to the comment.

Their marketing is very good but, I think they don’t use very well the new media. But, as we can see, they have a lot of advertisement on a TV and youtube. We could find a lot of videos of Stella Artois on youtube. They have own account. They made a few funny videos for how we could make the best Stella Artois for the guest.

They don’t use the blogs.

Their website is great. Their is a lot of videos of Stella.

As we can see of the videos they try to get the beer, as would women. It is a great idea, because in men’s life one of the most important thing is a women. This analogy has always attracts men’s attention.

So the conclusion is they have to improve their twitter profile and have to make a marketing for twitter. Their facebook use enough.

I think it is enoguh for them because they are a well-known company of the world.