The business of this company is made by internet. The aim is selling health insurance by internet since 2004. The company is

This company is present on the social media since 2009.

Objective in 2009 of using social media:

  • Improve the ranking on Google & Bing
  • Touch the young people
  • Improve the notoriety of the company

Objective in 2012 of using a social media

  • The objectives in social media are still the same than in 2009
  • Use for customer service
  • Try to sell product ( fail)

 How the company used the social media

  • Social media used :

Facebook :!/mutuelles on the shape of “Fan Page” – 334 like it – 10 people speak about it.

Twitter: 2 different accounts

Blog: There are different blog, but the most famous is

  • Do the use of this social media is corresponding to their objective?

Ranking : Facebook, Twitter, and the blog considerably increased the ranking on Google & Bing

Improving the image/ notoriety of company – Touch the young people: The blog help for it a lot, but facebook and Twitter not really.

Use for customer service: Yes. The blog help a lot for that.

Selling : Fail.


First, we can mention that the blog is really powerful, more than the other social network.

They are many explanations for it:

  • People trust more the blog, because is containing more information, more details about law, subscription…
  • On Tweeter, the tweets are too impersonal, and talk only about the company. Not talking directly to people. It is only talk about the company.
  • On Facebook, they are some video, but nothing personal about company.

 Advices :

  • Facebook & Twitter should become more personal with picture of company itself, picture of employee
  • Twitter : Twit personally the customer – follow more people
  • Use more youtube to promote the video/news they made on their social media
  • To sell: Organized event by tweeter and Facebook.
    • For example: People who bring to us more than 50 like on facebook and 50 followers on Twitter get a discount on their health insurance.
    • If in this people 7 subscribe a health insurance, get 1 year of free insurance.