About Stepstone :

  • Located in Koningsstraat 47 , in Brussel
  • Website : http://www.stepstone.be
  • Founded in 1996, StepStone is one of the most successful online job board companies in Europe today.
  • Their goal is to match the best candidates with the best companies.

Why is the company using social media?

According to me Stepstone is using the social media mainly to provide customer service. Because they use these channels to share videos, and relevant informations for their followers, to help themp to find a job or write a good CV.

They also use these tools to maintain a good reputation of their webstites and services. So the client can always remind they on social media.

Trough these channels they buikd a beter relationship and create exchanges that can add more value to their website

How is the company using social media – you need to look at metrics (values, numbers, mentions, subscribers, sentiment – elements that reflect the objective you identified)

On Facebook mainly : http://www.facebook.com/stepstonebe

976 likes · 8 talking about this · 43 were here

They share

  • links to articles or to youtube,
  • short movies,
  • some kind humoristic pictures
  • advices
  • pictures of their events of advertising in the real world

On twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/search/stepstone

100tweets – 37 follows – 75 followers

They post tweets about the new radio they like,

  • or about business content,
  • give some comments on the life of every days,
  • share ideas

On youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/stepstonede

14 abonnement  25883 views

They share :

  •  little information movies with advices to get a job,
  • and spot.

On mobile phone : They also provide special  apps for Android systems and Iphone.

What could company do better and how? Give recommendations that can be implemented :

  • They can set up “survey” on their twitter account or facebook. Too lauch the debate and discover what clients think about their company and so improve their service
  • They need to be more interactive according to me, and responding more and react more when people talk about StepStone online
  • Their twitter account can be more developed by following more people or find more interesting post
  • I will be more profitable for the company to ad a direct link to their subscrption page, so the surfes land directly to this page and will subscribe faster