The Cheesecake factory is The U.S origin restaurant company which specializes mostly in cheesecakes (more than 50 various names) and also more than 200 items of different american style meals. Now a day, It operates 165 restaurants in the United States.

If we look at their official site, the first thing we are going to see is many pictures of different cheesecakes appearing one after another. It is very easy to check their current menu, find the nearest restaurant, buy a cheesecake in their online shop and even find a job in the company. Considering that they are located only in the USA, the only language of the site is english.

we will find that they are actively using social media. There are two buttons on the site that send you directly to Facebook or Twitter.

On Facebook, they give the general overview of what the company does, a little bit of history and their mission here, on the ‘About’ page. They have 2,168,310 likes, which is quite a lot. They post here not everyday, but 4-5 times a week, and for the posts they use nice professional pictures of food, mostly cheesecakes, but also another meals such as hamburgers or salads for the reason to promote the new items and make their followers on Facebook want to visit the restaurant and try it. Every post gets from 500 to 5000 likes and from 50 t0 300 comments, which confirms that this method works quite well. Also from time to time they put small polls on their Facebook page or ask one question, not very serious one though, for the reason to communicate with the audience and also to catch their attention to their page.

On Twitter they also have an official account, which is a verified one. The statistics for today is: 5876 tweets, 8595 following and 52 203 followers. According to, they have 7.4 tweets per day, the majority of tweets are posted on Friday. According to, they reached 56075 people by just 1 tweet. According to, The Cheesecake Factory is considered as everyday user. tells us that the most used hashtags are: #cheesecake #quotes #food #chocolate #gradswantcake #marinadelrey #gift #graduation #gradswantcheesecake.

According to their impact score is 98% which is a lot! If to look at their twitter in general, it is obvious that, unlike on Facebook, their main goal is to communicate with followers about anything that is happening in their life, and it doesnt nesessarily related to cheesecakes. They are talking a lot about national american celebrations or events which is happening in the USA right now, such as graduation, because this topic helps to them to communicate with the audience.

Thus, in my opinion The Cheesecake Factory is considered as an excellent used of social media platforms that they have at this moment. They have many followers on Facebook and Twitter, the impact score is very high, they are trying to communicate with the subscribers and make an impression as a very popular chain of restaurants. Probably, it would be a nice idea to have an account on Youtube and make some nice videos for the reason to promote their nice cheesecakes and food better.