The club and restaurant Solidní Jistota situated right in the centre of Prague changed its name from former Solidní Nejistota when the owner got into the business. Speaking of social media, this move could cause a huge loss of fans and followers within any platform the club was working on before. Currently used platform is Facebook therefore a new fan page was established in December 2011 as the only official channel to get in touch with its customers.


Since website of any company is often used as an initial source of information, let’s briefly focus on it. First of all, no matter whether you write down the old name or the new one, searching engine always offers you the website as the first one. In other words, the SEO has been done very well.

However, the very first impression after entering the main page is emptiness though the website looks very professional. In case of clubs’ websites I would expect an entertaining content immediately on the first page without need to click through somewhere in order to see some photos or upcoming events. I am aware of fact that managing a multi-purpose facility’s website might be more difficult, therefore I would suggest distinguishing the webpage into two different parts so that everybody could choose according to his or her likings.

In terms of approaching social media via the website, it very clear how can potential customer get to the fan page, however, the registration button makes me feel the need of gathering information from the company’s side. It might be better to put a plug-in that allows people to sign up simply by connecting with their Facebook account. Company would get the information and get a fan at the same moment. All at all, link leads directly to the official fan’s page exactly like it should be.

Social Media

At the first glance, the real purpose of the fans page is to promote the club and all upcoming events. That is why plenty of multimedia content is to be found there. While I was going through the whole page there were also post related to HR (hiring people) or relationship building content. Personally, I couldn’t find there any note about Czech celebrities who are, from time to time, attending events held in the club (listed on website).

The problem turns out when we take a closer look to the ratio between number of likes and number of people speaking about the club. Inevitable result is lack of comments and activities from customers’ side.

One of the reasons might be the proportion of posts posted in order to “sell” (promoting events,…) and the rest of the content. The proportion should be three or four times higher in favour of non-selling content. Consequently people might start to get engaged, talk, share etc.

Keeping in mind, there is nothing for free nowadays. The club needs to give to the customers some incentives to be involved in Facebook’s page. For instance, giving unique discount or making special offers just for Facebook’s fans could be one of them yet it would not solve the problem of lacking involvement. Due to that, similar activities could be used (money and free alcohol always matter especially in case of “poor” students) as well as some sort of competition related to social media. As an example, could be taken a competition among customers for the “Funniest party photo” (winner is the one with the highest number of comments/likes) or “The best DJ of the club” (customers could post on the fans page’s wall their favourite songs).

One more idea comes from using location related social media such as Four Square. Person with the highest number of check-ins would be the mayor of the club and could get some advantages as well. The main advantage could be based on spreading amount of people who are currently in the club which is often an important criterion for other people who are looking for a good party.

Once people are more involved company could start with polling and similar features in order to build better relationship with its own customers. Eventually, make your own opinion and visit either the webpage either the Facebook page of Solidní Jistota club.