Deliric1 aka Jupiter is a Romanian rapper part of C.T.C. with Vlad Dobrescu, Doc and DJ Paul. He is also known for some series of musical episodes named “Jupiter Killed the Melody”.

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His rising popularity was mainly due to his presence in the social media environment: the artist managed to draw attention about his music through Facebook/Twitter/LastFM/Soundcloud/ YouTube accounts.

The hub of his network is his own website which is linked to all the other accounts.

The Facebook page was created on the 22nd December 2009, and managed to get 53,919 likes in 2 years and a half. The page is also used for customer service (concert announcements), advertising TV shows in which the artist will perform. The page is also used to increase reputation and create relationships with the fans, given the fact he is answering their comments on a constant basis, sharing his favorite music as well as updates from his private life.  There are a lot of updates posted, which always receive likes/comments (every post receives, on average 400 likes, with 1500-2000 likes when new material si shared). The new songs are usually get reshared so that they will reach the target audience faster. It also has a hidden commercial purpose, promoting his new clothing line.

The Twitter account was created soon after the Facebook page, on the 1st of May 2010, and the fact that is quite an old account is also reflected in the following/followers ratio (70/2476) and the number of tweets (2340). It seems that the main purpose of this account is to increase the reputation of the artist and promote the events in which he’s participating. However, dialogue is not encouraged, unlike on the Facebook page. (he doesn’t use mentions)

The artist is using the YouTube channel of the label he is part of for posting his video clips and songs and share them afterwards on the other platforms, especially on Facebook.

The Last FM and Soundcloud accounts seemed not to have been updated for a long time, suggesting the fact the artist doesn’t consider them as important as the others.

Target audience:


  • reputation (a hidden commercial goal: increased reputation will bring more concerts)
  • building relationships with the fans (mainly on the Facebook page)
  • customer service (concert announcements, technical problems with the eshop etc)


The main problem of Deliric1 network is that it’s not a coherent one. Only the Facebook page, the twitter account and the YouTube channel are linked back to the website. Moreover, the logos differ and some accounts are not updated (Last FM and Sound cloud) or are confusing (the YouTube channel belongs to the label so it is used by more artists). His biography is only posted on the website and the Last FM page, and it’s different for this two platforms. Furthermore, the he doesn’t encourage dialogue on his twitter account and maybe that’s why the number of followers on Twitter is way smaller than the likes on the Facebook page.


  • Link all the accounts to the hub – the website
  • Use the same logo, biography and fonts to offer a coherent image
  • Keep the Last FM and Soundcloud accounts updated, because music sharing platforms are vital for a musician, and link them with the other platforms.
  • Create a separate YouTube channel in order to avoid confusion (given the fact the channel he uses belongs to the label, it may be difficult for someone to find his songs on it)
  • Follow more hip hop artists on Twitter (especially international ones) – use tools like Twwetattacks, etc
  • Encourage dialogue on his twitter page and expand the followers base (by using mentions)