“Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops visualization solutions for a variety of selected professional markets: control rooms, defense & aerospace, digital cinema, healthcare, media & entertainment and simulation & virtual reality.”

In my opinion, BARCO is using social media to maintain their reputation; the objective is to show who they are and what they are involved in.

Based on their Facebook platform, they have 3 354 likes, 173 visitors and only 80 have spoken about it.  While on their Twitter, they have 3432 followers, 661 followings and 1240 tweets.

On the platform LinkedIn, BARCO  mainly puts the focus on its employee and some products. There are 4354 people who follow their platform in which 1729 are their employees.

BARCO has also a YouTube channel, where you can find some of the past, activities such as conferences, demonstration of their products… and some advertisements of their products. But there are no comments from viewers.

Looking at their messages posted on both Twitter and Facebook platforms, I notice a tendency of posting upcoming activities, photos/videos of past activities, videos of some of their products… In some cases there are short appreciation feedback posts from BARCO. I believe that their Youtube channel is well balanced. However, I get a neglected feeling from their Linkedin platform.

In the overall, I feel as if BARCO is trying to reveal what they are. While  on the other hand,  they  want to control what they post in order to maintain a certain image.

I think that BARCO should try to build a relationship on social media with their clients, in order to get more feedbacks, and thus, improve their customer service. I also think that they should focus more on their LinkedIn platform to attract more potential employees.