Social media includes web-based and mobile based technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue between organizations, communities, and individuals. Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein define social media as “a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content.” (Kaplan, Andreas M.; Michael Haenlein (2010) “Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media”)

As more companies integrate social media into their marketing and communications plans, emphasis needs to be on creating a social media strategy. Without a strategy, you’ll undoubtedly be sucked into a social media time sink. (source:

Bamboo it’s the brand of the biggest clubs in Romania. They have four clubs in Brasov, Mamama, Cluj and Bucharest. As most of the customers and young people they realise they through social media they can accomplish a lot.

The main site is smartly linked to Flickr, YoutubeFacebook, Myspace and  Hi5. The buttons are prominently located at the right bottom of the page, and by navigating from club to club the links change for every city club. 

A video from the club is presented as an intro about the atmosphere during the nights.

Navigating on the site we notice that is very easy and the futuristic design wants to transmit that the club has a similar design. Social sharing buttons on their press releases, photos , blog posts, pictures, events are not present, a big disadvantage. They should give the visitors the opportunity to share the contents of the site integrating social sharing buttons.

The website is only in Romanian language. A big disadvantage as the clubs are located in tourist areas, and it doesnt let tourists to find out about the location, offers and events.

Their present the events but their goal it’s not present on the page. An catchy motto-goal on the first page would be a good idea.

FlickrTrying to visit their Flickr profile a user can be fustrated becouse the link is broken. At least Flickr finds the real profile. From may 2010 the stoped uploading. Not a big  deal as it is not so popular in Romania, but they should at least remove the profile and the button for it.

YoutubeThe youtube account is dull. the last activity of the user was in 29/07/2011. With only 25 videos uploaded in 3 years they managed to get only 128 subscribers and 183995 views. Maybe by starting uploading more videos from every event and interact more with the platform they can get more subscribers and views or at least remove the button and account.

Facebook. Bamboo Bucharest

Using timeline it’s a good idea especially for the cover photo. But they are using the photo cover to promote events rather than using it to promote the brand logo. It is too cluttered and it’s giving off the impression that the brand is disorganized. Fans connect best when the brand’s message is clear and concise. Also  prohibit brands from featuring contact information, prices, or calls to action in this section of the page.

They are not using using the new “milestones” feature, brands can feature important moments and events in the brands’ history.

69,448 likes and 2,486 talking about it.Likes provides a graph that displays how this number has fluctuated over the last month. But the people talking about it is very low. They need to engage with fans and make them engage with the posts. They are only pushing out messaging rather than using the platform to create conversations.

They are promoting events on facebook and also music, something usual for this type of activity, but they are posting the same information too much. The lack of likes and shares makes them post too much. They need to figure out that is the best hours for posting. For example at night after 21 when the traffic on facebook is high. In weekends most of the people are home and the number and shares and likes will increase.

Uploading photos from the events is a good idea but they should try yo make people tag themselves in the photos and their friends too. By this the fans will spread.

They should ask feedback from the fans. By this they will engage them in having conversations on their timeling and increase the number of likes and shares.

At “about” section we can not find anything. Something about themselfs would be good.

HI5Taking into consideration that hi5 for Romania is dead and thei have only 26 views the hi5 button should also be removed. More infrmations here.

Myspace. The myspace button redirects to an french profile that has nothing to do with the club. Removing the button is the best solution as myspace is not that used in Romania.

In the imediat future they should clean up the site. Remove the broken buttons and the ones that they are not using any more.

Try to use Facebook at it’s full advantages.