The brand name ALAMBRA was established in 1982 at the village Alambra, south of the Cyprus capital, Nicosia. Now it’s one of the most modern and biggest dairy factory in Cyprus, which using the newest methods in the dairy industry in combination with tradition and experience.

ALAMBRA has a big range of dairy products ( Halloumi cheese, Halloumi Light, Feta Cheese, yoghurts…….) and exports the 80% of the production in foreign markets and 20% in Cyprus market. At the same time the company cooperates with large supermarket chains in Europe such as Hofer, Aldi, Lidl, etc.

Now the company has their website and from the 2011, you can follow this in facebook      and on youtube  .

The Company is trying to update frequently the website, making it more accessible and useful to the public. Before a month a company put in her website the ‘Google translate’, which made the website accessible in more than 15 languages. Also in the website there is a contact form, which helps in the communication of consumer with the company for any questions or clarification.

‘Alambra’ is using the facebook, most for their reputation and of course for human recourses issues. Also she is using the youtube for more advertisement reasons.

Both the facebook as well as youtube help to promote the company, in high levels in searching machines as the Google. For this reason the company uses key words in the names of her social media, like the word ‘Halloumi cheese’. With thisthe company manages to appear in high levels of web search machines, when someone search this key words

As i saw in their facebook, the movements from the company but also from the subscribers are very few. But i believe that this is not worrying because as i said before this company produce and sell products only in big customers. She doesn’t need to make sale agreements from the facebook. So as we can see in their facebook account, the company posts some news and also some events, which they promote her profile. Also in the youtube you can find all the advertisements, which the company put in the TV.





Last but not least the company uses the social media to present her profile in other websites. For example, when the company will go in a food exhibition, she will put the link of her social media in the website of the exhibition. So every customer, who will interest for the dairy product, will search before visit, details about the company, to know some details about her.

Some suggestions:

  • I believe that, this company can be complete if she creates also a Twitter account, to be closer in some issues. For example, it is better to inform or to comment first an issue before the TV social media. The dairy market is large and therefore requires great care.
  • Also, will be good if the company put a platform with ‘contact form’ in facebook. With this i believe that the company will take more comments and suggestions because is easier to someone to use the facebook and also is more indirect way.