Publi4U is a professional web design company specialized in developing attractive websites equipped with a Content Management System. Publi4U is a professional marketing and communication agency in Kortrijk. They are active in internet marketing since 2003. Publi4U specializes in developing websites, online web applications, search engine optimization and graphical development of business communication.

Publi4U is present on many social networks: Facebook, Youtube, twitter, linkedin. A company of communication has to be on the social networks.


The advantages of Facebook for Publi4U are:

  • Free presence on the internet: Registration and use of Facebook are free. The information on your profile and pages spread quickly and massively.
  • Important community: Facebook is the most popular networks and most dynamic.
  • Indexed by Google: Google indexes pages and profiles of Facebook members. Increasing the company’s presence on the web


Twitter is used by Publi4U to inform their customers in real time: promotion, new product launches, event operation. Publi4U uses Twitter to give information to prospective clients. This is a good idea of communication to attract new customers.


The advantage of Linkedin for Publi4U is to search for employees, contacts and business opportunities, and be recommended by someone.


Publi4U chose to be present on YouTube. I think that it is a good idea because it permits to put a face on the company, but also to give the company a humane dimension. Publi4U gives advice for these prospective customers on its page YouTube.


After visiting the facebook, twitter, Youtube and Linkedin of Publi4U, I noticed that they are regularly updated. Unfortunately, they are written in Dutch. it is not written in French and English while their website offers this languages. Publi4ushould create a facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin account for each language. Publi4U must pay attention to the publications on these social networks to avoid bad publicity. Publi4U must strengthen its presence on linkedin. There are only two members Publi4U on linkedin..