OMER is a brand of beer that existed since 1892. It is based on the name Omer Vander Ghinste, who gave his name to his beers. Even in the late 19th century this company managed to promote its products. The company still exists but it is under the name “Bockor Brewery” Those days Omer promoted his beer by placing stained glass windows with the words “bieren Omer Vander Ghinste” in the front windows of the pubs.

TODAY OMER has its own website where people can find all the information about the brand – the history of the brand, how it is prodused, how can it be served, with what dishes, latest news about the company’s work considering the brand and information about the brewery itself.

OMER. Traditional blond has its own Facebook page that you can “like”. The page was founded in 2008. From then till now the page has 2 641 likes and 31 people are talking about the beer it the Facebook world. The number of people actually talking about the brand is very minimal in comparison with the likes of the page. To change this numbers the company producing the brand is making a tour from April to September. Every Saturday of the mounths the OMER  carrige will be in a different city around Belguim. It will stop in 5 pubs in each city and will buy free beer for the customers of the pubs at the time the carrige.

Although the brand doesnt have  Twitter there is a lot of activity in the Facebook page. When you first see the page of the brand you notice that there are more posts of the brand itself than posts and pictures from the people who like the page. That is an indication that the company wants to get more popularity or people to talk more about the brand which will lead to the increasing of the selling.  There are a lot of posts and  pictures which shows that the brand and the company behind it is interested in the opinion of the clients and what they want to say or share. Most of the pictures are from the OMER tour and they show moments of the city that already have been visited. there a lot of pictures with people who tagged themselves while they are having fun with their friends. A good way to promote the brand is by doing online contests – like the company did. In Facebook there was a competition with uploading pictures that had some relation with OMER and the price was a t-shirt and shorts with the logo of OMER.

The brand is well known in Belgium. But in Youtube the commercial that is uploaded by Bockor Brewery has only 178 views and it was posted 1 year ago. This shows that the brand is not that popular outside the borders of Belgium.

As a conclusion the brand OMER is well promoted with the tools of the new media especially with Facebook. The company had concentrated its way to communicate with people through this type of chanel and for now this is enough because now Facebook can be described as the easiest way to get to the young people between 18 and 40 years.