It’s a soft drink owned by Orangina Schweppes, a French company. They sold different tastes such as peer, orange, pineapple, raspberry, blackcurrent, tropical and so on. In 2012, they launched their new logo “Be fruit”.

1. Strategy : Objectives and Goals

From what I have seen and noticed, they want to build and give the image of a very friendly and funny brand, target young people and build long-term relationship. They want to provide interactive, funny and well-done advertisements, easy to understand and up-to-date content and interact with their fans.

2. Analyze of their use and objectives of social/digital media

     What they are using it for? Are they doing it right ?

They have got a website and use 4 social media: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Google+. They also provide several applications.


Their page is called “Oasis Fun Page”, registrated in  2009 and they got 2 349 989 fans. There are 21 328 people who speak about the brand. The number of their fans is a lot. I found a website in wich they made a “Facebook page classification and Oasis is the first one.

They publish videos and pictures of fruits in action (Fruits in Paris, Fruit during the world cup, Fruits in 3D) and Street marketing, events, new products. They show their range of fruits. They put also pictures of their friendly fruit characters: “Ramon Tafraise” (egocentric strawberry), “Orange Presslé” (clumsy and self-confident orange) and “Cebo Lamûre” (clumsy and self-confident anxious blackberry).

They use a lot of fruit puns and publish pictures related to the news. For example, they publish a picture of a fruit which imitates Justin Bieber and called it “Justin Biboire” (= a French pun). Other examples: events (such as Christmas) or movies (such as Twilight, Sex and the city) or even other brands (such as Apple).

People give a lot and positive comments: “I like it”, “It’s very funny” with emoticons and so on. The brand is very funny and it’s appreciated by a lot of people. Fans say: “Thanks for giving me the smile back”.

Oasis sometimes give adressed comments in their own post. They have their social media links.

As you can see below people post message on the wall’s brand which is something not frequent.

As you can see below, the number of “likes” is very big, compared to the “shares”and “comments”.


Oasisforfun Twitter

They have got 459 tweets, 495 following (such as journalist people, active social people and Orangina company), 2131 followers (mainly young people).

They share nice and funny comments with fruit puns. They also post comments related to the news. For example, now we have a warm weather, so they suggest to refresh ourselves with Oasis. This example can help to increase the sales (you’re in a shop, you see this tweet on your mobile and so make you feel  thirsty and influence you to buy it).

They also write links to the Facebook page, Youtube and website (but not the hyperlink, which is not good) and an hyperlink to Google+.

They post a lot of comments in the way of “one to many” (Oasis for its audience) and “one to one”  (with “@” and the others can see it).

They get retweets. They post one, two or three times a week . I find that it’s not often enough.

They tweets with linksof their applications and video on Youtube.


They post their advertising campaigns. It’s possible to like or unlike the video, to share it through first on Facebook, Google+, Skyrock, then on Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr., Orkut, Reddit and Digg.

They posted “Be Fruit” 2 months ago and  had 2 962 321 views.

They also posted a video to introduce their new application “Be Fruit”, with the links to download it. They had 19 417 views with 22 “likes” and 2 “unlikes”. Here is another video.

On each video, they put their links: website, Facebook page, Twitter and so on.

They organize plays and contests. For example, they published 3 videos. People had to choose the one they preferred. Here is the winner video.

In their videos, they use fruit puns. They want to be funny and original.

In 2011, they published a video to celebrate their 2 000 000 fans on Facebook. In this video, the brand  offered a unique application to receive “individual thanks”.

They posted on YouTube, their TV and cinema campaign, especially made for Christmas. The fruits were singing as a choral group: video. They had 410 648 views and 1164 likes.

At the end of each video, people can give sometimes comments. Their comments are quite basic. They said that they liked it with emoticons and found it usually really funny.

Oasis brand give feedbacks: to say thank you or to make people remember some stuff with links.

Each year, they made “fruit election”( which is the best fruit of the year ?). People have to vote. It’s a participative marketing operation. It involves the customers and they feel closer of the brand.

They made parodies. For example, they make a parody of Britney Spears with “Leave her alone “and got 196 547 views. At the end of the video, there is a link to see the others parodies.

On their Oasis Fun channel, they have got 16 467 848 views, 9129 subscribers.

With all these actions, Oasis involve the customers/fans/visitors/followers and that create the “Oasis community”: people who like fruits, want to have fun an like Oasis soft drinks.


They created a new Oasis picture application « Be Fruit »: people have to take a picture, customize it with fruits, write a message and share it with their friends.

They can download it either: on itunes, on Android  or test it on Facebook .

People can make a subscription for Oasis on YouTube, in that way they can be the first one to receive the videos. So, they usually feel much more closer and brand’s favourite fan.



This social media is dedicated to all the best articles which have been published on Oasis. And the official and certified Oasis page is there to share the digital and offline activities of the brand. They also share some pictures and hyperlinks to their social media.

270 people added it on their circle.


On their very coloured website, we can see the links to the social media. Every thing is coherent . It’s like a circle: once you go on the website, you can easily click to go and like the Facebook page, start tweeting on Twitter and watch videos on Youtube.

They have got several pages: Home page, Products page, Nutrition, Fruit Team, Mobile applications, Videos, Bonus and News.

3. Recommendations

– They use funny fruit puns but they can’t be translated in English. It’s French expressions. They should find English puns. Indeed, the brand is sold in UK and owns by Coca-Cola company

– Their Facebook page, twitter account, videos and Google+ are also only in French. They should try to reach a wider target, and for that they have to translate it in English, the same for their website which is only available only in French. In that way, Oasis could become a worldwide brand, increase her reputation and her sales.

– They could also try to reach adult and senior people. For that, they’ll need to adapt their content. They can still be fun but publish more relevant information in the same time.

– The number of comments and shares on their Facebook page are not important enough compared to the “likes”. Maybe, it’s because they post only one-way comment and people doesn’t need to answer. they should ask somes questions and opinions.

– Their Google page is not so well-known. They have only 270 people. This social media should be either improve or delete (in order to not waste time and money useless). I don’t see the real need of this tool.

– They use the four most famous social media. Maybe, they should try to differentiate them from the competitors through other kind of social media.

– They should have a blog to develop longer conversations.

-The comments on people on their Facebook page are only small point of view of people such as they like, they find it funny… But we don’t know what they think about the oasis soft drink itself. Oasis staff doesn’t answer so often to the comments, it’s more a one to many conversation on these social. What should be interesting, it’s to answer to make people give more relevant and instructive comments.

– On their Twitter account, they post some tweets related to famous people in a funny way. What should be great, is to tweet the famous person and adressed them (@). In that way, they could launch a great conversation and “laugh together” about it. That could also attract and influence the famous person’s fans and increase their followers.

We can notice that they are making a very good job. As I mentioned, there are a lot of comments, fans, followers, subscriptions and views.They are creative and coherent regarding their social media strategy.