The image on the company is a luxury product and these products are for people who have money and you an opportunity to wear her jewelry.
Because they are created for special occasions, only a few jewels are for the life of every day.

But today the company created new collections, with the Disney characters, Hello Kitty or home accessories.
We must therefore promote these new products and reach the new target of potential customers.
For each event of the year such as Christmas or Mother’s Day, Swarovski creates new collections.

The company must also reduce its image of inaccessible products if it wants new customers and while retaining an image of luxury and exceptional products.
For most people, Swarovski is a company that sells jewelry, but not accessories such as bags, sunglasses, sun or household objects such as glasses, photo frames are not yet known and popular to the public.
Or for children to give their mothers a gift of the collection especially designed for this event, they must first know it exists.

Before, there was advertising for Swarovski products in store and only on women magazines, now we find the companies in the media like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Facebook :

Users of this media are mostly teenagers and young adults, the new target of the company.

On the website of Swarovski, we can find a link for official page of the products.

In this page, we can see the products, pictures with stars who wear products.

people who like the facebook page can write in to say their opinion on products, but also on the ads if they are disappointed by something or if they have an idea for future collections

We can see there are 456 641 persons who like this page but only 25 157 persons who speak about their products, their opinion and about a company.

It’s only 5.50% of the persons who like a page.

Twitter :

The average age of Twitter is between 25 and 40.

At this age, people finish their education and find work. They begin to have regular income and install in apartments or houses.
So these targets for accessories such as handbags or products for the home.

In her Twitter page, the company does not communicate much about these products but also on the stars who wear them and where we can find.

There are photos that show people who wear jewelry and fashion shows. One can see how the products are worn but not how they are in stores.

Swarovski shops are everywhere and the site can be in any language.
Twitter has more than 380 millions registrants, but the page of the brand has only 40,599 subscribers, a figure very low compared to the reputation of the brand.

Youtube :

Each day, more than 4 billion videos are watched on Youtube and users have very different between ages. A large target may be affected.

The Swarovski videos show mostly fashion shows where models wear creations of jewelry on their clothes.

On one year, 79 videos on Youtube have been posted.

But there are only 851 subscribers and videos have been viewed 805,694 times.

Recommendations :

I advise the Swarovski Company to:

  • put ahead the links to these new media.
    Today they are at the bottom right on the website and are the same color as the background of the site. People should not see the small pictures to go on other sites.
  • focus its communication, we can see parades, stars, anonymous, collections etc. …
    People must be lost and the information must be easy to find if not people leave the site and do not return.
  • more communication in more traditional media. The main target is people who have a certain age and have a little money. It is mostly young people who use facebook, twitter etc. ..

Sources :!/swarovski