LIVESTRONG Organization has started in 1997 from the famous cyclist Lance Armstrong as Lans Armstrong Foundation (LAF)  after  he was  diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer which spread to his abdomen, lungs and brain. Lance declare himself a survivor—not a victim—and took an active role in educating himself about his disease. In 2003 is launched as an online resource for cancer survivors and present to people the LIVESTRONG wristband and Wear Yellow Live Strong campaign, campaign which make more than 55 million wristbands and bring to the foundation more than 7 million dollars .LIVESTRONG organization is working to identify the issues faced by cancer survivors in order to comprehensively improve quality of life for members of the global cancer community. Since organization inception, they have raised more than $400 million dollars for the fight against cancer .This results are increasing day by day from the intensive use of the social media which the organization is using .The media that they use are Facebook , Twitter , Flickr and Youtube . The organization has choose this platforms to promote their dream and what they want to do about cancer while all the profits of the organization are coming from donations .Specifically in Facebook you  can find many details about organizations project  in much easier way than the official website and especially learn about all the events that are happening or happen .Usually the organization is raising money from organizing sport activities or races and the platform help you to keep inform about the event you are interesting while they are a lot .LIVESTRONG organization has its own channel in YouTube which is very well organizing in categories where  the people who want to donate money can see the hall work of the organization but even in bigger level the people who has affected cancer, how they can fight against this and in which sectors can the organization helps them .Important is also the account of the organization in Twitter with 283000 followers .Twitter is giving the power to the organization and the people which are interesting on it ,to learn immediately the news or the results of the events of the organization . Impressive is also the recommendation for the use of the social media by the people in how to start a social media Fundraising campaign  and is helping them to have the best result and raise us much money they can to help the organization .  In my opinion the organization must focus on this way of promoting their projects while when a common people is promoting an event is hearing more trustful than from inside the organization .So they can make some training lessons to people which are interesting to help the fight with the cancer by raise money by their own to help them reach the highest and don’t just staying in a pdf page in their website for this.