H&M is a clothes brand. It is worlwide spread and popular as the prices are quite low compared to its competitors. H&M has established  a policy in social media, that we can find on http://bit.ly/Jr2igS.

We can perceive they have a slogan in Social media which is : Informing, Inspiring, Interacting. H&M got the stakes of social media, as they insist they are involved in this field and want to improve everyday. That’s why we find them on many social media, and that they all have their own stakes and objectives, that we’re about to discover now. 

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hm

What are the facts ? 

11 125 138 people like the page, while 117 960 talk about it and  147 638 reported they were in the shop. Meaning there’s at least two categories of people, those who are just fans of the brand, and those who acively like it, share about it, and are proud and able to report when they were in. 

The page is very active, and gains 100 000 new likers in average each day. We see the community is active through another tab of the H&M page. It is the “Fashion Against Aids” page, where users share their kisses pictures, to contribute to a $1 donation to AIDS association. In there, for about 17,000 pictures, there’s 118,500 likes and 4,700 comments. 

How H&M use Facebook in their social media strategy ?

On Facebook H1M publishes mostly looks, styles and pictures. It asks for opinions, focus on one particular product or type of product, and generates interaction around those topics they launched. So it does indirect promotion, through tips, advices, opinions asking, and also by offering some goodies, as for now, cutomized summer postcards. The reactions depends on the posts and their nature (whether it is a new product, posters from the campaign, or opinions asking) but globally, it has about 5,000 likes in average. When it is about opinion concerning a style or a product, the comments are numerous, about 600.  When it’s only about promotion, generally meaning a picture and a link to the website, the comments are less than 100. 

Why are they using Facebook this way ? 

H&M is at the basis a banal clothes brand, relatively cheap. So they need to create and entertain the image they want to have, that would give value to the brand, and take away the cheap store chains image. By creating content, and posting about specific events, they want to relate their brand to a certain image, by associating their brand and products into a certai way of living, a certain way of thinking, throught events, cultural or fashion.

Finally, the use H&M makes of facebook is about interaction, but mainly about reputation. As they describe it, they use it to inspire and interact, but also inform, meaning they are willing to be the leader of a specific image. And Facebook serves mainly the information purpose, as it is relaying all the events, news, and infos customers have to know.

Twitter http://www.twitter.com/hm

What are the facts ?

H&M opened his Twitter account in March 2008, meaning they’re on this media ford now 4 years, while Twitter is just beginning his very large expansion. We cans then say they are quite early adopters. They have 1,168,635 followrs, while they follow 136 accounts. They tweeted 1405 times, so an average of 3 tweets per day. 

How H&M uses Twitter ? 

H&M tends to answers more than singly posting. They answers questions about services mainly, openings of new stores, but also tips for how weraing this product. They use Twitter as a customer services in one side, but also to conquer new markets. Annoucing new openings planned, making buzz around services they procide, they create a very close relation with their customers, and also obtains promises of customers that aren’t yet able to buy H&M products, because of location problems mainly. It means they succeeded in create a trust relation with their clients and they are enertaining it by tweeting news, but also styles and products.

Why are they using Twitter that way ?

Twitter is, in its nature, a micro-blogging platform that doesn’t allow hard promotion through long texts. In there, H&M discuss with their customers directly, and set up a close relation with them by answering personnally. In this way, they sound more accessible, and of course improve their image. It is also a way for them to be present in the social media background. In fact, by generating interaction, people talk to you, and you gain in visibility.

So, Twitter is completely about interacting with people, one of the H&M social media policy. In this way they also gain in reputation by getting closer to their customers. 

Youtube and Instagram  http://www.youtube.com/hm

What are the facts ? 

19 353 suscribed to the H&M Youtube channels, and videos have been seen 15 488 193 times. The channel is composed of four tabs : “H&M Life”, “H&M on TV”, “Campaigns” and “Local”. 

How H&M uses Youtube and Instagram ?

H&M on TV is a summary of all the Tv campaigns H&M launched. Local is more about the events that happened, as opening, or pop up stores. It is about keeping a trace of these events, and allow people to see what happened. H&M Life and Campaigns are more axed to influence customers. In fact, it is about creating an image around the brand, by sharing  lifestyle videos, where we see people surfing, or going out. It is really about creating an image around the brand, by giving it values through way of living they support. But in Campaigns, we also find fashion content, with interviews, of high fashion personnality, tips, to make-up, to dress up … It is all about image and gicing the customer an idea of what image H&M is diffusing.

Instagram is used in the same way. In fact, they use it to create content and styles, by associating many products, into a designed picture, as there : http://on.fb.me/L0gQ8O. 

Why are they using Youtube and Instagram that way ? 

Youtube and Instagram are about video and image. It is a way to communicate about values, and products. They communicate about facts that aren’t directly related to their first function, which is selling clothes. It is more informal, in the way they use it for image.

We covered two of three objectives H&M set up in their social medi policy : Inform and Interact. Youtube and Instagram are about the third one: Inspire. Indeed, it is only about giving ideas, of activities, of styles, of way of acting. They try to inspire people through their styles, so the brand value would be strengthen.