Nowadays, we do think that it’s very important as well as for little, medium and worlwide companies to be active in the Social Media.

Why is it important ?

– To build, improve or rebuild a reputation

– To build long-term relationship with customers, attract potential customers and involve them as much as possible. They will be happy that the company takes into account their point of views and it will create loyalty. In the end, it will increase the sales.

– To be up-to-date: using social media means that you’re a modern company

– To provide current information and news about the brand.


Social Media Strategy


We enjoyed the New Media course. We had the opportunity not to be only a simple user as we are, but also strategic and marketing people. Now, we are more aware of what is on internet. For example, a brand’s facebook page is a lot of work and time, and that costs money. Everything has to be linked and related to a logical strategy. Only, in that way, they can be efficient and effective on Internet and succeed their social media campaign.

One thing that was hard was the limited time we had. Indeed, we had to make a lot of work, provide relevant and sourcing content in an interactive way. But, in that way, we focused directly on the task without wasting time for details and learned a lot.

We had a general overview about what New Media was, but we didn’t think that it involves so many fields and factors.