Banana Moon is a unique brand swimwear, created in 1984 in California. It would define the Californian spirit of the brand, in each collection dominating values of this part of the US where fashion gives a real identity to a way of life.
Banana Moon uses Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

Mission: bring us right into a world of holidays, into the American dream.

Target: women are concerned , but also women who are interested in sport because “The choice of materials improve comfort for actively practicing sports” On YouTube we can see also a new video which target teenagers under 16. But those swimsuits are quite expensive.

Social Media

Their website:

The website is divided between Collection, Shopping, Press, Goodies, Video and Fan club.
On Press, you can see different covers of newspaper, on which models pose wearing the brand. On video, you have some teaser and films that promote news collections. You can also be register in the Fan club and receive all latest news, events and private sales. In goodies, you can download some wallpaper.
At the bottom of the page, you can join to BM and have lot of information about shop concept, Job opportunities (and send a CV, a motivation letter and a photo) and finally casting call.
This site can be in 3 languages: English, Nederland and French.
Convergence: this website is well built; with link that redirecting you on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The YouTube channel has a lot of commercial videos. They have 81 subscribers and 100 110 views. The last post was sent on the 3rd of May and it was a video about the pool show of their summer collection. This shows that they are only here to promote their products.

Their Facebook page is updated very regularly, the last post was sent yesterday.
They have 21761 “like” and 432 “talking about this”. I have seen that they are very close to their customers, more than in Twitter, they answer to each question. But there are more post about other businesses that provides BM products and pictures added to show it on their stores.

The Twitter account has 261 followers and follows 109. The number of messages on Twitter is 233. Banana Moon is an everyday user with a great potential.
I have seen that they are on social media only to post new collection or new business events. And they can be more efficient. On Facebook there is a lot of B to B, others businesses post publications and wink to say that they have received the new collection, or they offer many product of BM…

To conclude, I will say that BM can do a better work on social media, for example by giving more importance to the use of videos, more promotion by sportswomen. But BM is here to show news collections, and not to have relationship with their customers. If they want to be closer to clients, and achieve a relationship, she can organize competitions or games because it is a great way to engage fans. But BM links other social media.