Introduction of the company

What is Athena Graphics’s activity?

Athena Graphics is a company of prepress whitch insures a high level of prepress, pictures and on-line services for all the graphic chain and packaging.

Where can you find Athena Graphics?

Athena Graphics is a company having production sites in 3 countries (Belgium, France, Netherland). The company is present in Belgium in three places, Comines, Veenendaal and Roeselare.

The key point of Athena Graphics is that it makes the link between all the links in the process of packaging. What allows increasing the communication between all the interested parties.

Presence on Web

In the first place, the company manages a website. On the site it is possible to communicate with the company in the case of a request of information. For it, it is necessary to fill a form. Its website is available in three languages.

Secondly, Athena Graphic is present on twitter. It has only nine follows and 19 followers and has written 15 tweets. I thus think that this presence on twitter is very recent; indeed its first one tweet is dated of October 26th, 2011. Moreover, its twitter does not often have update. The last one tweet write by the company is dated of March 28th, 2012. On its account to tweeter only one photo on the company is available.

Thirdly, the company use LinkedIn. On its profile, we can found links with the owner, the product manager A Ton, the sales director France, the IT manger, the marketing manager, the account manager, and the artwork creator. On the profile it is possible to see 5 products and services with a photo and a description. Recommendations 9 were made for its products and services. Thirty persons follow Athena Graphics on LinkedIn.

Fourthly, it uses the social YouTube network to post videos. It has a profile YouTube with 3 subscribers and 1645 views. The company put on-line 5 videos. The first one posted date of 7 months ago, followed by three other one the same month. The last one posted date of three months ago. Athena Graphics it is subscribed to YouTube on May 3rd, 2010 and its last activity dates February 16th, 2012.

Finally, Athena Graphics is not present in Facebook.

Here you can go on the website / Twitter / LinkedIn / YouTube of Athena Graphics.

Goals and objectives

Website: Give a presentation of the company, present products and services which she proposes. Get in touch with the company and finally post a job application or ask for information. The goal is to set up an initial contact with the customer.

Twitter: I think that Athena Graphics created an account on twitter because most of the companies have a twitter account today. Through this one, it wants be known it is its goal. It also uses it to broadcast its videos which she posts on YouTube. I think it does not use twitter as an essential tool to create a social network.

LinkedIn: This Company uses LinkedIn to permit to see the profile of the managers of the company and contact them. So, the aim is to recruit people. But also to make advertising on its products and services, receive recommendations, and thus increase sales.

YouTube: It uses YouTube for its videos be seen. The goal is to increase awareness but also to create its company image and reputation through its videos.


My first recommendation is to create links to twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn on the site and connecte them all together. On the site at any time you can know that the company is present on these social networks. These links are really important, as it would be known by more people and therefore increase the company’s reputation.

My second recommendation is to update regularly and keep them top of twitter by posting tweets.To post regularly tweets means at least tweets one or two a week to make the twitter profile more attractive.  Athena Graphics can post actuality about its company, or current projects on which the employees work. They can post as well tweets with links on subjects as they interest them. But also to increase their followings, because as we just learned in course, at the beginning it is important to follow people to be followed in return. The company uses twitter very badly, seeing almost no one is using it. It must really make an effort because it is a social network that can afford to be seen much more quickly and can afford to retain a target audience and create a trust.

My last recommendation is to create a Facebook account because it is free, and thanks to this accounts you can obtain information about customer and measures their notoriety but also make advertising.

Maybe the company should hired somebody to take care of the management of new media. And try to make the company known by helping of these tools.