Audit TVH

TVH is one of Belgium biggest companies. They have 2500 employees. Thermote & Vanhalst sell mostly parts of forklifts. Says Wim Parmentier. TVH uses the most important media. To begin they use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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Mostly to post news, new jobs or business events. On facebook and Twitter they don’t work that good. They have 225 tweets and in Mai they only posted twice. Because they don’t use it that much, they don’t have that much interaction. Most of the # in twitter are links to hiring sites. On Facebook every month, sometimes 2 peopel a month post something. The reason why they use new media as Twitter, Facebook,… is to inform people what they are up to and what they are hiring. And who they are hiring. So mostly Human Resources and PR. On their facebook page they have only likes and only 22 people are talking about TVH. So they need more interaction on their media. They can do it by actions, informing, games,… If they do a game to win something and you have to have likes. Then it evolves very fast. But they don’t really need it. Because company’s as Group Thermote Vanhalst sell to other company’s and not to particular people. Everywhere you can find the link to their website. On LinkedIn they announce who’s hired and what positions they are looking for. Of all their employees they have 192 people on linkedIn. 456 people are following TVH. This could be much more. If they would give their employees a course to use all their media it would be more known and more used. Because if people are on linkedin and they want to find a job. Then they could see how many happy people are working there and it could me easier to find new people. Another thing on LinkedIn are the percentages of degrees, functions in TVH.  Next to linkedin they also have Bullhornreach.Their Website is a big one. It is the main source of information. The site is to inform the costumers. What part you can buy, who you have to contact. For every country in the world they have a page. On their side you can follow them at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But mostly it’s for small costumers and employees. The website I can’t add anything, it’s almost perfect.

There is also a video of TVH.

Blogs aren’t used bye TVH, except to announce an event for example opening days to visit TVH. Another person blogged about their advertisements that you can see if you pass it. So conclusion is that TVH could do more for their marketing, but because they are already the worldleader in their field they don’t really need it. An other cause is also because their costumers don’t need it. There is no company that is going to search a forklift parts on Facebook or Twitter. Another thing they could change is the language, mostly it’s in Dutch, except if it’s about one of their foreign company’s. So TVH is kind of up to date but they could use it more.

Conclusion TVH uses the internet a lot, mostly by their site. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are mostly for Human Resources and PR. They don’t have a lot of interaction. So they should start to attract their own employees and then they can grew bigger on the social media.