Are you in Kortrijk at the moment? You have a free time in this weekend and you do not know what to do? You like music festivals and you want take part in it? You like discover all new? Then the SINXEN is definitely for you!

The SINXEN is specific music festival with unique atmosphere. Why it is special and with unique atmosphere? The answer is very easy.  In this festival participate non typical music groups, which perform unusual music.

This year the SINXEN will take place three days from 26 till 28 May. The venue of festival is De Kruen, which is located in Conservatoriumplein 1 in Kortrijk.

In this year during festival twenty one music groups, solists and deejay will make music. In the first day of festival will perform music groups like Dynooo, Ninjato, Lefto, Squeaky Lobster, Capp cave, Nose drip, Warriorz. In the second day in festival will perform groups like ice age, Bear in heaven, Hong Kong Dong, Spencer Krug’s, Moonface, Spead deal 7 & Nomad, Twin Twisters and Eppo Janssen. In the third day, which end of festival, will perform groups like The soft moon, Forest swords, Liturgy, Ansatz der maschine, Charalambides and  Bass drum of death. You can look program of festival here.

As I mentioned the SINXEN is music festival and the biggest role in this festival is making music, but there is also other activities. During festival expect crisp and booming soundsystem as well as beautiful visual effects.

There is no entrance fee to the festival.  The SINXEN is free during all process of festival.

Why you need to visit the SINXEN? There are are many reason why to do this. Fristly, music groups are making unsual music and it is possibility to listen new kind of music. The second one is good rest in the open air , especially when is good weather. The third reason is fun together with friends and other people. Every people can find reason why to visit the SINXEN. Even you!