Beach House, an U.S-origin rock band from Baltimore, Maryland is going to perform in Kortrijk this wonderful sunny evening.

They are quite well-known, although still very young – the group was founded in 2005. It consists of two persons: Alex Scally (guitar, keybords) and Victoria Legrand (vocal, organ) who, by the way, is the niece of famous french composer Michel Legrand. This duo is performing in the so-called Dream Pop style : sort of alternative rock, but with atmospheric dreamy sounding, breathy high-registering female vocals, pop-oriented melodies and introspective existential, sometimes unintelligible lyrics. Not the pop guys indeed.

Why did they come to Belgium and exactly to Kortrijk? I found out that the place where Beach House will perform tonight, De Kreun, is famous for supporting new musical talents. If we look at De Kreun’s agenda, we will find many names of different indie-groups, which are performing there several times a week. The name ‘Kreun’ can be translated from Dutch as ‘groan’, and this maybe also indicates a good place for indie souls.

Beach House performs here as a part of their European Tour: tomorrow they will move to Amsterdam, the other cities includes Berlin, Paris and Barcelona. According to the site Toutpartout , the tickets for the first six concerts were sold out in late April, almost one month ago. Kortrijk, by the way, is the starting point of this tour.

Although the tickets are sold out and it is not possible anymore to buy one (except a hand-held, maybe), let’s hope that the show is going to be one of the most memorable events of this weekend.