The usual weather is rainy, humid and chilly in Belgium but now the summer said: “Hello, I’m here!” The bad weather has changed into the sunshine and the beautiful blue sky for two days. The weather become better and better. There is 25 degrees in the day time, but the temperature doesn’t decrease below 15 degrees at night. In my opinion this weather is good for everybody because everybody become happier when the sun is shining. Who can do, spend his free time in outdoors.

Pleasure of students overshadow the exaImagem period. The Erasmus students have pleased to the weather because a lot of people come from warmer climate country and they missed very well the sunshine. After the long lessons or a hard exam a lot of people relax on the grass, and enjoyed the summer in the garden of KATHO. The young Belgians don’t experience often similar weather. For that reason one Belgian boy jumped into the waterworks of the school that cooled itself.

We can find a lot of people on the river side, most of them do some sport. This weather is favorable for the cyclists and runner. There are a lot of chairs and tables in front of the bars in almost every street in Kortrijk.

According to the weather forecast there will be more than 25 degrees in the long weekend. It is perfect weather to go to the seaside or just stay here and visit to the event called Sinksen. This is  providing many opportunities for entertainment.