Last Monday, there were a strike in Kortrijk. This strike concern the company “De Lijn”.  It concern all the drivers of this company because 18 of this drivers would be licensed in the 1st of september 2012. Besides the break for the employees will be reduced.

I had make an  interview of one of this driver: Peter Frederik to know how this strike happened. He said that the drivers of the company ” De Lijn” didn’t make often a strike because of the cost ( impact on their salary) and they think about the travelers who go to work or something like that. Peter explain to me that during the strike (12.00 to 15.00) all the employees go into a meeting with their Boss to discuss about the situation of the “de Lijn” company.

The connection with the bus in Kortrijk is quite recent: it is since the 50’s. But with her sixteen lines the company have many cost and have to licenced employees. It the main reason according to Peter.

Moreover for the rest of the employees who stay in the company after the 1st september, the work conditions  would be change: For example, today they have a break of 20 minutes to lunch, after the 1st september all the drivers and other employees will have only 2 or 3 minutes. ” It’s really impossible” say Peter. This is due to the suppression of some Bus, instead of take the travelers each 30 minutes in certain lines, they will  take the travelers each hours so they will have less time at break.

This strike must had surprised all of you who take regularly the bus to go back at home and so one. In order to have the point of view of some users of the bus. I had ask some questions at a student in Katho: Johanna Le Letty. “I have wait about 30 min the bus to go back in my flat to have a lunch then a personn told me that there were a strike but she didn’t know why” She think that the users was not enough informed about this strike. But it is planned according to Peter some other actions in the next month because they don’t find any solution according to the worker in the meeting on last  Monday.



– Peter Frederik, drivers in the company “De lijn”