What’s up now in Kortrijk center ?

If you walk around the city center you’ll definitely don’t miss the preparations of the “Sinksen”

Those preparations take place in “SchouwBurgplein” , “GroteMarkt”, “Wandelplein” and many more little squares.

To every corner you find folders, or posters with the list of the activities at the program.

The activities will mainly take place this weekend, but you can already enjoy the preparations and cafés are converted for the occasion in Beach

We went to the meeting of a group of young people to understand what it going on in the city:

Jan, Mike, and Liese:

“It is a very great day for students, there is music in the streets, concerts to fans on the terraces, or other more as artists such as Kreun that occur tomorrow. We are here to spend good time with friends”

If you want to find more information you can consult the website of Kotrijk :  http://www.kortrijk.be/vrije-tijd/uit-in-kortrijk/sinksen/info

This is also possible to download the complete folder in a PDF form :