Sinksen 2012

Sinksen is one of the biggest happenings in Kortrijk. It takes place from 26-28 of Mai. It’s a festival of friends, parties and enjoyment according to every person in the city hall and in the pubs. All over Kortrijk they are getting ready. Every pub and every place in the citycenter is involved. In the city hall it’s very hectic and it’s even impossible to find someone who has any to do with it. I was waiting for 30minutes saw all people running everywere calling, shouting and stressing. In the whole weekend several groups from everywhere come to play their best music. For example Cie Colbok and les Dragonautes of France, De ontmoeting from Belgium, Blaas of Glory of the Netherlands,… So it’s a great party in the whole citycenter.

This year there was a little to do about the closing times of the pubs. Because past years the pubs were non stop open the whole weekend. This year around 2 O’Clok all the people have to be inside. Except for smoking of course. First the inhabitants wanted to limit it till midnight but the pubs won.

Sinksen 2012 is a festival of friends. At het schouwburgplein they are building the stage. One of the stage builder, Said Oudaha, says: “My friend called me if I could help him a hand so I came, for free.” In all the pubs they are building several stages and other decors. Mostly they are built by friends, family and some companies. Every pub has his Theme. One of them is de Geverfde vogel, one of the biggest pubs of Kortrijk. They are doing Oberbayern. They build a terrasroof in wood with some fake snow to give the après ski feeling of Germany and Austria. Alle the waiters are dressed in Oberbayern What contains the small skirts for the girls and the shorts and the hat for the guys.

In the end when I left everybody was getting ready. All the stages were ready, people were arriving and the waiters were ready to give the best of themselves. For example in the Geverfde vogel, they cleaned like 500 half liter glaces. In total more then 100 000 people will be attending the festivities.

Stad Kortrijk, Ing, Ethias, Ibis, Bockor are some of the realisators. They give themselves as much as possible to make this festival one to never forget. But the most important group that can make or brake Sinksen 2012 is you. So come and see how Kortrijk comes alive this weekend.