I realized that the people are very excited these days in Kortijk. I saw that they built stages in front of the pubs, in the Grote Markt and everywhere. Everybody is preparing for something. I started to think what will happen. As I came to

know there will be a 3-days event in Kortrijk, called Sinksen. I interviewed Belgian students what they know about this occasion because I am from Hungary and I have never heard about Sinksen. They said Sinksen is not exactly a festival; this is 3 days of pleasure with art, music, concerts and parties. There will be street theatre in a lot of stages. They also mentioned to me that recent years Sinksen was very successful and all of the more than 100 000 visitors and participants enjoyed it.

I wanted to feel the atmosphere of Sinksen, so I went to this afternoon to the city centre to get an impression of the preparation of Sinksen. I saw crowded streets, music, people are drinking outside the bars. However the “festival” is starting tomorrow.

Sinksen will take place in lot of locations, such as Market, Theatre Square, De Kreun, Vandaleplein, Timber, Beguinage Park. You can find the suitable program for your interesting, because there will be various programs… jazz, symphonic orchestra, heavy metal marching band, Piano Paul, latin sensation, theatre, workshops, circus, giant picnic, art exhibition, parties in De Kreun, events for children… and more! If you want to know more, visit the homepage of the event: http://www.kortrijk.be/sinksen

Well, let’s look over the list of artists who will perform during 26-27-28 of May at Sinksen in Kortrijk. James Taylor Quartet (Uk), The Rhythm Junks, Vaganée – del Ferro Group, Blaas of Glory…

I’m sure I won’t miss Sinksen 2012 because it will be fun, interesting, a lot of people…

In short … SINKSEN 12 may not be missed. Are you one of the 100,000 visitors?

Here is a short video to gain insight into Sinksen 2012:


Enjoy Sinksen 2012!:) Have a nice weekend for everybody!