I am staying in Kortrijk almost five months now and is the first time that I didn’t see any party organized in pub Chips. Last night 24/05/2012 at the pub Chips in Kortrijk, no party was taken place, because there were no student to participate in any kind of party. The reason that the students were absent, was that, on next Tuesday are starting the exams of Katho University and all the students are at their houses and they are studying.

As the owner of Chips Mr. Hans told me, normally every Thursday the student club “Mercurius” is organizing a party for all the people and especially for the students, which starts at around 10 o’clock at night and is finishing at 4 in the next morning. But last night due to the exams that are coming next week the students didn’t have any time for any kind of party. When there is a party in Chips, normally 70% percent of the people that are present are students, coming from Katho University, so this is another reason except from the exam period, that there wasn’t any party and student movement in Chips. Usually the party starts at 2200 and the students are drinking different types of beers and they are dancing in pop rhythms that the Dj is putting all night.

 But last night it was totally different. The only people that there were in Chips, were people from the nearest factories and companies of Kortrijk, that came to enjoy a cold beer before will go for sleep and rest.

According to Mr. Hans , this no party situation will continue until the middle of June, until the 20th of June. That day normally the last exam is taking place and after this day the first party by Mercurius student club is always organized for the students. So until the 20th of June when the last student exam and the first summer party will take palce, the situation in Chips, will remain the same with few people and no parties at all.