Regularly, twice a year Katholieke Hogeschool Zuid-West-Vlaanderen (KATHO) in collaboration with Jos van Erp organise a course on Business Development. During those two periods, namely 22nd to 23th of December and 24th to 25th of May, group of young and prospective students from all over the Europe take part in development of new business ideas and provide ideas to the region of West Flanders about how to deal with economic recession.

Luckily, our blog was exclusively invited by Jos van Erp to take a closer look and unveil you the future trends of entrepreneurship in Kortrijk and West Flanders. My visit was planned for the second day of the session so I had a chance to observe and follow teams while they were working.

I have interviewed Mr Mohamed Kunda and asked him for further information about their team and project they were working on.

“Our team name is Fast and Furious 2 and our project is focused on Hemis Filter System (HFS)”, Kunda said.

What exactly is the HFS? Kunda continued with his explanation and told me, it was in fact system that allowed trucks or buses (simply all high-emission cars) to dramatically decrease the amount of exhaust gases emitted to the air. Considering the growing importance of environmental aspects throughout the whole industry spectrum, it could be very successful product, couldn’t it? Full interview is available here.

And how do you feel about business development and letting youngsters influence the future of whole mankind? If you have any interesting idea, feel free to share your ideas below in discussion. Just in case, you are interested in organising similar courses, please contact They will certainly give you a helping hand.