Family event far from home

Did you think that’ll ever need for a family event away from your family?  There is a true story about how could you celebrate, and that you are not alone. Yesterday was an hungrian erasmus name’s day celebration on Kortrijk river side.

What is the name’s day?

It is a tradition in many countries in Europe and Latin America that consist of celebrating the day of the year associated with one’s given name.

The 4 girls ,who celebrated the name’s day, celebrated the name’s day (with the celebrated) that they sit down next to the river and drank beer on her health, it also diverted attention to the lack of family and home. The family is missing better at this time, and the man turns a little bit. She cannot celebrate so with them, than another time, this heavy period.  But with a little attention the other one three Hungarian girls diverted the attention from this.

We asked Eszter, that what kind of feeling to celebrate so far from the family:

Eszter: It is not so easy.  I thought of my family and my friends a lot on this day.  But many people still  thought of me even so, and congratulated on facebook and in SMS and on the Afternoon I spooken with my family. That It relieved the deficiency that here are somebodies whom thought of me and so we spent a fun evening with the three girls on the river bank.

As it turned out, the girls have with a little careful , cakes also surprised Eszter, who has softened his grief with the cookie. Of course, not so sadly ended in the evening, after they were eating a cookie the girls were jumping in the river next to the trampoline(springboard). The rest of the evening spent on top of Esther’s apartment and they were talking.