Today at noon in Kortrijk, a public transport bus number 1 of “De Lijn” that serves the line “Kortrijk station via Kinepolis” had a mechanical failure that the driver was forced to transfer the passengers to another bus.

During the service of bus number 1 from the bus stop “Kinepolis” to “Kortrijk station” had some mechanical failure. The nature of the failure was not communicated to passengers. According to a witness, each time the bus stopped to dropout or pickup someone the driver was obliged to get out of the bus and do some manoeuvring before taking off.  

Through talkie-walkie, the driver informed the De Lijn Central of the problem and he got the orders to take the bus to the   “De Lijn” warehouse in Kortrijk for mechanical failure analysis right away. Consequently, he stopped the bus at the bus stop “Doornikwijk” and asked everyone to get out and told them to take the next bus.Luckily,there were fewer passengers during the whole process.

Most of the time this bus line is full as it serves an area where two universities are located. But for the past days the buses had fewer passengers due to the fact that students are currently not going to school because they have a two weeks break to study for their exams.

Fortunately for the passengers, the next bus came right away and they were able to continue their journey safe and sound.