The communal election in Kortrijk will take place in October, even if the media are not talking too much about it for the moment, the citizen have lot of expectations for this election….

Indeed, not all the candidates are official yet, and a war inside the “Catholics party” is in Stefaan De Clerck and Lybeer to become the future mayor.  With all this things, this citizen have the feeling to be forkasen.

Even if they are aware about the good atmosphere in the city, all of citizen, no matter their ages want more security. Michal Feys, a Katho student confides that 2 weeks ago he has been fighting with a local larrikin “Everybody knew him, he was always annoying us, police don’t do anything, it is not bad enough…” , a shopkeeper wishing to remain anonymous added “ This kind of people lower the level of our city, before Kortrijk was a rich town, with upper class people who spend lot of money in the shop; now all this people go to Ghent, or Brugges, and we still have this delinquency…”

In Kortrijk the difference of level of life is palpable, indeed, despite having worked all his whole life, Eline Baulh a retiree has trouble to pay everything, and she must pay attention to the least expenditure “ Everything are increasing here…price become crazy”.  That is true, lot of shopkeeper have to level up the price to survive, like Ann Vanbrielet responsible of the “ Koffie Thee Shop” in Leeistraat said : “ All the communal money went to the commercial center K, now our street is desert, that not fair”.

Mister the Future Mayor, this shopping center K divides. The young people are really happy about it, the shopkeeper are less enthusiastic.

The last measure asked by Kathleen Baerth, an employee in insurance company, is to reduce the communal tax, and get more money to consume “we paid more and more, now the K is done, we don’t have to pay that much tax”.

For the good point ok Kortrijk, everybody agreed to say they are lot of cultural events, a festival this week-end, lot of activities. The responsible of Kortrijk library Pieter Vandevuil admitted that he has got a good budget to develop the culture and the activity.

Of course, the student would like to have more places to party “We definitely need a night club” said the niece of the currently Mayor Stefaan De Clerck.

If you want to know more about election, and the work of the current mayor : Kortrijk Website