Friday, May 25th

                It is in passing in the surroundings of the University of Kathoelieke Hogeschool Zuid-West-Vlaanderen associate with K.U Leuven situated in Kortrijk that we can perceive the construction of a new building.

Just one year ago Katho finished his inside court of the campus, two years ago it was the construction of a new library, today since approximately one and a half months ago begun the construction site of this new building on the initiative of the school.

After having asked the staff of the university I know that this building will be intended for the technical training of the university.

Indeed the university contains a department named VHIT where it is teach automobile technologies. This new building will welcome the students of this training. So they can have premises to learn by working on the repair of car, motorcycle etc…

Company VALCKE Prefab Beton was chose by Katho for this construction site.

Four workers work in it five days a week since the beginning.

Between the sound of machines and the music of the radio we were able to ask them for additional information:

“The building will be on two floors. The work moves well forward at the moment…”


We also have tried to find Mr Lieven Vandenbuerrie link to the project but regrettably he was absent this day and the school did not seem to want to say us more about it.

I hope meet him next Monday to give you more information on the duration of the works, the engendered price, the new accommodation facilities for the students and other…

But if you are interested by this University and you want to know more about it, you can go on this website will find all the information on the university and its student life.

Barbara Veyssiere