Since last Tuesday, students from the school at Katho Kortrijk are on “blocus”.

For two weeks students have no classes and can stay at home.

This period arrived two weeks before exams.

It allows students to be able to learn their courses at home for exams for the  second semester

As Simon L’Hoir, automobile marketing student at Katho, told me “if we were to study new courses and learn the other one week before the exam, it would be too difficult! “But “it can review all courses, if I had not had the blocus, I should have let certain courses aside,” said Chesney Rambour, a Flemish student in insurance.

They will return to their school than the following Tuesday, May 29 to pass the first test of their examination.

But this practice is not only in Belgium, after asking Miss Audrey Direur, Erasmus student who comes from a university in France, she said that France they have also a time to study, but it was called “white week” and during only 5 days.

In the meantime at Katho school is almost empty, we see only Erasmus students, which they pass their exam at the same time as other courses, and some teachers.

This week has not only consequences on Katho, because when we walk in the streets of Kortrijk, the streets are almost empty, where only seniors are walking, there are more young people on the bars or in stores.

K, shopping center, is almost empty. This afternoon, I met a few customers, the shops were almost empty.

Sources :

Simon L’Hoir, automobile marketing student at Katho

Chesney Rambour, a Flemish student in insurance

Audrey Direur, Erasmus student