Westartup community aims to help people in areas related to entrepreneurship.  Its objectives are to support people in developing business ideas, finding the right people to work with, gathering them in how to invest their money in the business world.  They also share their knowledge and experience with you in order to make you feel more confident and capable to be involved in the business sector.  the ideas of the customers are classified in areas so that they can have a specific and individual help covering their needs.

Concerning the audience,we believe that it refers to every ambitious, creative and open-minded person who wants to start up a business and needs some support and advice to feel more sure about his/her action.  It can be a person that has already finished his/her studies or anyone who has the potential and part of the capital to support his/her moves.  They also have the opportunity to find some financial supporters through this website community. We believe that the age varies between 25 and 45 years old people.  It can be a man or a woman but mostly it refers to European citizens.

About the social media links, they use facebook, linkedin and twitter.

Twitter:  It can be a b-b or b-c  They try through twitter to promote their community with a message followed by a link.  There is no direct link to the twitter profile of the company, only a message.  That shows that creating a relationship is not their first goal but it plays a secondary role.  When we got to the business’s profile we found out that they follow more people than the people who are actually following them. That most probably means that they try to find the right people to attract and create relationship with them.

Facebook:  A self-promotion of the community with a link and nothing above this.  No blog or discussion in the area of facebook because they might think that they can transfer their message better by using twitter

Linkedin: A business to business professional networking platform, which is more specialized and enables the community to come in touch with people that it finds interesting or are proved to have a willingness to start up a new business so that It can offer it’s support and contact them.

They use media links firstly to promote their community and secondary create relationship with the customers.  Their aim is to expand and raise awareness. According to tweetreach,  with 50 tweets they actually managed to reach around 8000.  As we found out from tweetstats, hey are repeating more than answering.  This is confirmed from twitalyzer.  We got similar data from all these platforms, which shows that they are trustworthy.

In conclusion we believe that concerning the social media links, they are doing quite well.  They use different social platforms to reach people whom they find interesting, by looking at their profiles and background information.