Uws is the biggest university in Scotland with 20.000 students. Because it is such a big community, everybody can keep in touch with their university through their webpage.

The webpage declares the mission and vision and also the promises and the target of this organization which are:

Mission: The purpose is to provide distinctive higher education, through inspirational teaching and learning, and also through research.

Vision: The vision is of an internationally-recognized University, serving the communities of the West and South-West of Scotland, and UWS is committed to engage in meaningful partnerships with stakeholders, including major employing organizations, in order to make a strong contribution to building a knowledge-based economy for Scotland.

Target:  Students from a wide range of backgrounds, ages and countries onto the courses and the blend of students that are at University is an integral part of the very stimulating, challenging, and, inspirational, educational experience that is provided.

Promises: UWS provides a distinctive educational experience across their four campuses in Ayr, Dumfries, Hamilton and Paisley, through a range of vocationally related courses, supported by the strong applied research and knowledge transfer activities.

From their webpage we can clearly see their commitment to diversity and their dedication to their students. The page is easy to use, with a lot of contact options. They have links to their YouTube channel, Facebook page and also Twitter.

Social media

The YouTube channel has a lot of commercial and various videos made by students. The last post was 3 days ago and it was a video about the Chinese community at the university. This shows that their commitment to diversity is not just a false promise.

Their Facebook page is updated regularly, and here you can find useful information about the schedule and activities of the university. Also you can receive answers to your questions which shows their dedication to their students. Students also use the Facebook page to write about their interests in hopes of finding somebody that shares it.

The UWS twitter account is made to be in touch with the students, so they can ask questions to the university’s staff. Because of that, the tweet traffic related to the UWS Twitter account will strongly depend on the student’s activity. The information offered are similar to the information posted on Facebook, making UWS constant and reliable. The students and interested individuals can receive answers to their questions. The twitter account has 434 followers and follows 312. The number of messages on Twitter is 247. The UWS twitter account is updated with 2.3 tweets per day on average. Obviously Twitter account is more often uploaded during the academic year, not in the summer time. Last January the number of tweets reached a peak(48 tweets) probably because of the proximity of the exams in the first semester.

The UWS twitter account is more used during the working days, there’s no tweet traffic in the weekends.

Even though UWS twitter has just 0.2 impact score, for the needs of an University student is enough. They can be updated and informed about changes in just a few minutes. The interaction between staff and students is good and the UWS is visible for potential students as well, on the popular social media channels.