KATHO runs an experiment in which  6 students will be
living in an experimental house for the next  2 years This house is sustainable and environmentaly friendly. However? The technology will not  be so important but there will be more important concepts  such as :”
Do we need a garden ?” So we can grow vegetables which will be ecologycal and helthy. “Do we need less or more space?”. “Do weneed high tech”. “Social integration”. “Is the Interior i important  of the room”.

Thise concepts came up from  5 students which  were brinstorming for 24 hours  into the egg-room infront of T-forum. Now they have
transformed two houses into the new house of the future student.

There is a contest that you can win 2 monts, living in a future house

If you want to run for a place you should contact  sylvie.vanrenterghem @ katho.be If you want to know more you can visit their website  The final resoults will be presented in the  Xpo  in 2012.