“The Hub is a social enterprise with the ambition to inspire and support imaginative and enterprising initiatives for a better world. Is a global community of people from every profession, background and culture working at ‘new frontiers’ to tackle the world’s most pressing social, cultural and environmental challenges. The Hub create places around the world for accessing space, resources, connections, knowledge, experience and investment. They set out to create places that borrow from the best of a member’s club, an innovation agency, a serviced office and a think-tank to create a very different kind of innovation environment. Places with all the tools and trimmings needed to grow and develop new ventures. Places to access experience, knowledge, finance and markets. And above all, places for experience and encounter, full of diverse people doing amazing things. These places are called Hubs.”

Resuming, The Hub is a place for events of many kind, from conferences and presentations or just enterprises meetings. The aim of this places that are all arround the world, is to offer an special envoiroment that inspires innovation, new ideas, creativity and group work. It also a place of meeting of entrepreneurs and innovator to share ideas, to work in a different way as in the normal offices. The social nature of this company makes compulsory the use of social media as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Flickr. This webs became part of the daywork for sharing any content, any idea, anything that can helps and inspires.

Here are the main social links of the company:

Facebook and Twiter works as a wall for sharing, discussing and show the incoming events. So people who join the group can acced to all that information and also show your agrees and disagrees. In the opposite way Linkedin works as a more private place for all the entrepreneurs. The Youtube channel works as an advertising plattform where everyone can see The Hub offices and the way they work there. Finally The Hub place the fotos of every event in flickr working as an album of the enterprise.

Below there are two examples of the twitter statistics of The Hub.  The statistics are uploading in real time in this links: