“Who is he? What has he done? How does she react? It’s a story about finding yourself, finding love, inner peace and life.” That’s the slogan of the theater event Aiuto!, Initiated by a single student that now has a number of thirty participants.

Last year one student decided to make a play and he was given practice space .In September 2010 rehearsals started and since then  the group grew bigger and bigger by adding musicians and dancers. As of now, there is a band of five people who will play live and four dancers who will dance in the middle part. All the participants are Katho students, not only from Kortrijk but also from Torhout and Tielt. All of them are going to participate on one or two of the shows.

The name of the play means “help” in Italian and the sets re-create an Indian village.

The series of theater nights starts today the 11th of May at 20:30h in the hall of VHTI with a sold out performance. Other shows are scheduled for the 13th of May at 20:30h and the 14th of May at 14:30h and 20:30h. The event is going to take place in the hall of the VHTI department which can provide 150 seats due to its big size. Tonight’s show is going to be filmed and put on DVD.

The price for a ticket is 6 euro, as for students or under-aged is half the price. The set-scene is made by the club Kerberus from the VHTI department who are also organizing a bar .Katho is paying for all the expences of this project but there is other sponsors also: Kortrijk Studentenstad which include the three schools of Kortrijk, Katho, Kulak and Howest supported by KBC bank, and JAVA productions who is taking care of the technical equipment such as sound and lightening.