About us

  1.  Engagor is a powerful social media monitoring platform

The Mission

  1. Making sens of  social media
  2. Discover new trends
  3. Track campaigns
  4. Benchmark competitors
  5. Research new products

Who are the  customer

  Medium to large size international  companies which have social media network


 To detect,  understand and  analyze   your customers, to see what your competitors are doing and to find their weaknesses, thus you can build  your strengths.

 Social media links

 1.  Youtube, very low activity, only 2 videos, no comments, 166 views, but they explain very well   how does Engagor work.

2. Twitter – they  what to check  out their customers. They follow more people than they have been followed.

3.Facebook  – They are trying to promote themselves. They have only 275 people who liked it.

 4. Also, they have links so people can share their website, links such as:

    1. Delicious
    2. Digg
    3. FB
    4. Buzz
    5. Linkedin
    6. Reddit
    7. stumbleUpon
    8. Twitter
    9. They also   communicate through
    10. Telephone and e-mail

Analysis of twitter usage 

    1. Tweetstats.com:  average 8 tweets per month.
    2. Tweetreach.com: Reached 3,654 people via 10 tweets.
    3. Twitalyzer.com: low number of followers, the frequency at which the user is uniquely retweeted is low
    4. Impact: 0.2%, 21.1st percentile (which means engagor’s Twitalyzer Impact score is higher than 21.1 percent of the hundreds of thousands of active Twitter accounts).

They are not doing well, because they have very few followers on Twitter and
few members on Facebook, regardless the fact that they have a lot of sharing
links, they are still not popular enough! They are not popular on Youtube.

To increase the number of followers on Twitter and to tweet more.