Students, do you have something to say about your accommodation!? Everything perfect, or, maybe, there is still something to do!? April 27th, 5 students were placed in the  “egg room” in front of the main building of KATHO. Within 24 hours, the students inside mulled over ways to improve the living conditions of a students, were thinking about the “future room”  for a students. How a student’s room should looks like, which items are needed there, what should be changed- all these and many other issues were discussed by KATHO students.

Almost every modern student had to deal with problems that occur during the life in a “student- house”,  but most of them is quite resolve. That’s why the city government of Kortrijk  as well as some private companies of Belgium and not only Belgium took an active participation  in the event.

April 27th, 2011 a few typical student things, the usual household items of any regular student were safely hidden; the sense: 20 years later, in 2031, the “secret box” will be open. Each of us will be able to see the changes, positive or negative, on the results of the comparison. Do not miss, be there in 20 years!

For more information  about the past, present and future of the project you can contact Larissa Deblauwe(KATHO, main building).

Aliaksandra Virinskaya