The trip to Amsterdam organized by Stuvo Katho for the Birthday of the Queen on the 30th of April attracted many of the regular and the Erasmus students. The unconventional orange event turned out to be a great amusement to some of the students but an unpleasant surprise to others.
Students from Katho were very interested in visiting the capital of Holland and their expectations of a wild party were justified. Unfortunately, other of them were not pleased with the situation there. The big crowds, formed by drunk and drugged people, scared some of the students. ‘I knew well that hashish is legal there and that I would see many people on drugs but I didn’t expect to feel threatened. At one moment I was among a huge crowd of people in a not very clear condition and all I could see around me were orange people, who were pushing me and walking like zombies. That got me scared’, said one of the students, who preferred to stay anonymous.