Students from Katho university are participating at the international Enterprise Game “WSG Bydgoszcz Entrepreneur Cup” this week, 9th-13th of May 2011, in Poland. This competition is at its fourth edition and it invites 1 or 2 young teachers and 2 to 4 students of programmes in tourism, economics, management or marketing. This year there are participating students from Russia, Greece and Czech Republic.

The aim of this simulation game, which is the oportunity to “play” managers and solve problems, without having real losses, is the improvement of practical skills, especially soft skills and competences, development of students abilities to synthesize various methods they have studied in the previous semesters and improve their performance concerning team-work under time pressure. Students are solving real problems, which are formulated by one of the  foreign partner institutions of the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz.

Professor Mathieu Brepoels says: “This competition is absolutely positive thing, and everybody takes benefits from it”.  Then he continious :” Students meet their competitors from all over the world, so  importance of language is huge. Also their evaluation is not only about result or presentation skills. Computers are connected and the judges are able to see how the solutions were made”.