According to Mr Cottyn, the person in charge of the international office, many Flemish students want to improve their language with the Erasmus program. 66 students only in Hantal department chose to go away to follow one semester of courses.

According to the statistics of the international office, about 40% chose to go to France to improve their French. Mr Cottyn added that “Improve their French is really important in Belgium and they are aware of that”. Of course the second language is English and German/Spanish follow.

Another trend shown by this statistic is that 18% chose to make a fourth year abroad either to do a master, or to do another bachelor. For the other (about 82%), they prefer to go away during their second year of formation and the second semester is preferred.

In conclusion, the Katho’s students are used to see Erasmus students in their own school but they still interested, perhaps more, to go abroad and to live their own hectic Erasmus life. And the final word is that we can just wish them a good experience and to come back with a lot of interesting stories!