Mrs. Ana Adi teaching "New Media"

Branding is a new course that is given for the first time in Katho for the Erasmus students of Hantal on next Tuesday for 5 days only by Mrs. Ana Adi.

The professor mentioned that the course will start in a totally different way, asurprising exercise in a store and afterwards the results will be discussed in a park. Also, there is a guest lecturer who is a co-founder of a Belgian company, but it is not yet confirmed. What is really diverse about this course is that besides the ordinary lectures that will be given, students will also have to give a lecture about measuring brand equity.

The professor wants to have a different approach about teaching this course. First of all, the students who took this course will receive an email with the syllabus of the course. There will be games to make it more interesting and to help students to collaborate. Also reading recommendations will help students with their lecture. Through this course the professor wants to train the students how to learn the content of the course by highlighting the important elements. But besides that by the end of the course she hopes that the students will be able to make a lecture on their own.