Previous week we had three citizens. But I am going to talk about one,- Mic Adam!

Mic Adam

He visited us on Friday and it was really interesting to listen! So now I want to give you some facts about Mic Adam. So, firstly Mic Adam is a social networking policy creator, who helps companies and individuals protect their reputation in social media. Secondly, he is networker bringing together online with offline social networks. What is more, M. Adam is not just an author and public speaker on social media, social networking and policines, but he is a market researcher on social media topics too.

Mic Adam is a creative and innovative leader in international sales and marketing with experience in multi channel environments who thrives on the passion to drive sales and profit up by demonstrating and diversifying the unique selling points of high quality products and services.  Have been involved in and used social networking to generate business in B2B environment for the last 10 years. So all in all, for Mic Adam it is 30 years working this job, but now current job title of  Mic Adam  is:  Social Media Policy Creator and General Manager at Vanguard Leadership.

But it is not everything, what I want to say.. I found some information to describe Mic Adam and his personalityin 30 words. So everyone can get to know him from these 30 words: social networking for successful sales and marketing, Creativity, Basketball, Innovation, Cooking, Management books, Rollerski, Continuous learning, Walking, Enthousiasm, Belgium, Personal development, Osho meditations, Travel, Listen-Learn-Help, Humour, Family, Social networking policies, passion.

During this visit we heard a lot of things, interesting things, for example about a policy, what does look like, about social media activities, about social media platform, that there are a lot of platforms, but he give us social media platform overview. It is like we are related to geo-location, live casting, personal networking, business networking, file sharing, photo, blog, forum, micro-blog, private SM, bookmarking, video.

So I think this visit was really interesting and informative, because.. Social media is everywhere, and almost all the time he was talking about things, that almost all of us are using it ( and etc.) and it‘s very popular, so of course it is interesting to know more new things about all these things. Now I know that the main inventories are Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. M. Adam was talking about terms of service too and in real I read just almost first line and I know that there are a lot of people who don‘t read it too, but it is really interesting to know the exactly information about it:  40% just press “I accept”, 15% read first line- 5seconds, 37% read briefly- 30seconds, 8% read carefully – 5minutes.

So, to sum up, I think we have just to thank for this nice visit! And if someone wants to know more about Mic Adam, everyone can search more information in his Websites: