Last Friday, we enjoyed Mr. Adams conference. He is de owner of Vanguard Leadership.

        Vanguard Leadership is a younger company is dealing whit Social Media, especially B2B (business to business) and business to corporate.

       In the company´s website we can know about the process of the services offered:

– Social Media and Networking Discovery: in this service we have to do a inventory that is a good benchmark to identify the opportunities can be used to better market the company.

– Social Networking Policy Creation: policy will be drawn up that will be championed by the management team.

– Momentum Building: provided information all employers about social media and networking

– Training and Education

– Continuous Monitoring: keeping an ear to what is being said about your company, your brand or your employees is very important.

– Social Media Starter Kit

      After drawing the services offered by the company, let´s talk about the conference.

      There are a lot of information people should know about your company, geographical location, personal data, photos, videos, blogs … and there are many platforms that we used to know that information about the company that we want to perform like Skype, Facebook, Linkedin, Flickr, Delicious, Yammer, Twitter, Foursquare. The important thing knows how to use it to reach the maximum possible audience in the most simple.

          To carry out a good use of new media in an enterprise, is recommended to use a process of implementing a social media plan. First, this plan should be well structure, clearly defining each of its stages. Will begin by setting objectives and targets: what we want to accomplish and for whom, do we get through this. Then we have to do a inventory of the possible answer and the characteristics of our company.


         But I think that the most important part of this social media planning is the monitoring. But… What is monitoring? Monitoring is about collecting information that will help you answer questions about your project. It is important that this information is collected in a planned, organized and routine way. Vanguard Leaderships also do it for you!

       All organizations keep information about you, and you should to know which this information is and which their opinion is.

        In response to the difficult question What is the best social web to sell yourself? I think that Mr. Adams´ answer was very successful: first we do a market survey of both consumers and competition, and assess what more they used.

       The problem with websites like facebook is that is too public, that is, if you want your customers know everything about you, ok, but if you want to provide professional information, you should to create a new profile that only made public what you want it to be public.

        In my opinion, this “conference” was the one that taught me to understand the importance of new media on the Internet for business, as I believe that the information that Mr. Adams gave us should be aware of all business to improve the way reach their potential customers. I also was very interesting to know the person who made the day before I did an analysis.

María Iniesta.