As you can see in today’s topic we are going to try to do a new media analysis on Vanguard Leadership. First we should talk a little about what is this organisation is about and how it is represented online. Vanguard Leadership is dealing with Social Media, Especially in  the business to business sector or business to corporate. The man behind this is none other than Mic Adam, who is using social media as a way to help corporate do better business by improving sales and marketing. As we said before we are going to analyze Mic’s work to see how it is developing.

First of all we are going to talk about the Website of Vanguard Leadership. It offers pretty much all the useful information but that’s about it.The clarity of message is good, because the subtitle of the company is ‘Social Networking Policies Made Easy’, it’s very clear. Vanguard Leadership assists companies to create networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, and alike, and other social media. But this page doesn’t have any interactive features.We can find this company in facebook, twitter,wordpress and LinkedIn. If you need more information about the company, you can you can also contact them via e-mail and phone. From our point of view the website needs a bit more life, the customer has to be informed but in a more entertaining way. The  current status of the web pages is good but it can be improved by adding some interactive menus and submenus. You could also offer some more information about what methods you use and your work.

Moving on into the analysis we reach the  Google search of the company. First, when we searched the name of the company on Google ,Vanguard Leadership, we found a direct link to the organisation’s website, and it was the first link that appeared on the page. This is a good thing , it means that the company is known and reliable, trust-worthy

Let’s talk a bit about social media and how the company and the owner Mic Adam is known on the internet. We know about you that you have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Foursquare,  Linkedin and other social media websites. One may think that having so many accounts you are very visible on the internet, but it is not enough, you need to work on every one of them so you can reach as many users as possible. The Twitter account for example. We know you are a daily user so we have run some tests on it. It appears that your user name is macadam so far you follow 1.287  and have 860 followers and you are 30 lists. From Twitter Analyzer we were able to find out that today from 9.40 am till 10.30 am the number of followers increased from 27 to 91. From 15th of July since 14th of October the number of followers has increased from 377 to 860 and he has a growth rate of 5%. Most of your followers are from USA, Belgium, Netherlands and UK and from other countries like Poland and even Australia and at the moment you have a popularity of 4.0. Most of your subjects are about social and media  and a part is about @mashable and #smieb and that is why most of your hashtags are related to SMIEB , media and social. I can see you enjoy  foursquare and the web mostly but you also use wordpress, linked in and other sites. Your social mention is pretty high in these domains, but you can always do better in this business. From another twitter analyzer we have found out that  you are en everyday user and u have an impact score of 0.8%link twitalyzer. From the Klout analyze I can see  you have some influence but you need to engage more with others, on the other hand your true reach score is very high and you like to engage more with friend than influencers. link klout .Because you are working in B2B you should think about looking for more influencers, it would be good for business. Here is a picture of your twitter progress.

         Another  account is the one on Facebook which is actually important but you haven’t looked that much into it. You have a few members, only 5 . This page uses the like with form to connect people. you don`t have a  description of the company in the column of information.In this platform the company needs to  add the customer to  create a “family” a community of people with the same tastes.    There  are some links but the company have used the social media to connect with other platforms (Twiter, Blogs, etc.).This page is very recent and because of this there is no conversation of company to customer. You  need to add more customers and pay more attention to Facebook.

       About Linkedin we think that this company has a good page with more information than of Facebook. Company on linkedin have more link for others link of the company. This page has of more 500 connections and 30 recommendations. This page is very view. In additional information the company has the groups about links web 3.0 (Twitter, social networking and professional networking). We think that the company have to put the link of the Facebook for creating more view in the site.

Finally, we will comment on your blog <>. In our opinion, the blog is structured on a single page without interactive applications that divide blog entries. The blog content is complete, the company frequently updates his blog and the blog has a very dynamic content that contains pictures.

In conclution, we think that this company dedicated to new media is highly developed technologically, since many networks available for easy identification on the web. But we can point out that the company is not using all available resources and should improve performance in the media as it is a company dedicated to information online.


Laurentiu Lungu
Edgar Aguiar
Alicia Gracia
María Iniesta