Firstly, when we searched UWS library on we found it to be only on the 4th place. And it is the possibility to enter on University of Wrstern Sydney’s website (because this is the first option). When we searched with the city name (Paisley) we found the web page in the 1st place, and with a direct link.
At the first glance the site didn’t impress us; we were expecting something more exciting from the biggest modern university of Scotland. However, we realized it is quite easy to socialize with them, through Facebook, Twitter and the library news blog on Wordpres.

We couldn’t do a Wordle to analyze the most frequent words used on the site maybe because of its big size, or maybe of RSS feed problems. However, we could generate a word cloud for the library’s blog and Facebook profile. In the blog of wordpress the most used words are: access, available, UWS, learning, central, Athens, newsbank, journals. Most of the information is connected and intent for educational purpose. The information in facebook is freer: topics about music, entertainment, activities. The only similarity which you can find is information about library. We can conclude that these 2 sites complement each other, the first one, the blog, is moreinformative and less interactive, and the Facebook is more suitable for interaction.

We also checked the LIBRARY’S twitter account. Using program  We found that the main subjects are songs (20%), week events (20%) and the books were only on the bottom of discussions (used The followers are mainly from Great Britain (320) and US. Main groups are students (40 %), nurses, and teachers. We can summarize that they are very friendly with students (their main target audience) and very open to discuss about them and about their interests.

THE LIBRARY’S Facebook PAGE: The website is called UWS Library, University of the West of Scotland. The information which they share with users is not only educational. It includes, the song of the week and fun articles. Speaking about communication, usually users press bottom “like’’ or write comment. The manager of the Facebook account always answers to facebook user comments (sending comment back); this is the main thing we appreciate about the Facebook profile.
UWS Library News, the blog: is well organized, we can easily find the news, and also there was a link to micro-blogging Twitter. Although, it is very well organized we couldn’t findso much interactivity there. From time to time we could see a feedback, but very rarely.

Considering these aspects, we do recommend the library to:

  1. The design of the website or blog should be more user friendly (it’s not attractive for students, main target audience); we recommend to change the web page design; more colors, photos.
  2. It is really hard to fin the library’s submenu in the universities website. Our suggestion is to put this submenu in to the part of schools & depts;
  3. We suggest you to do more effort in improving your visibility, such as follow (in twitter) more students or people who can be interested in library’s offers. For instance, the library’s flowingdata mention map didn’t have any connections. So it makes us think that the website is not interactive.
  4. To develop AN online catalogue for students in the other countries. (for example: other students should know about the possibility to get free e-books. In order to do this, you could promote this offer on social platforms or by increasing relations with other countries libraries).

STUDENTS: Greta Arlauskaite, Alina Dincuta, Nicola Tasselli.

Sources:;; www.